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Naruto Dodging Light FangHow are they not, like it really cant get more clear than Naruto dodging light fang as a teen and then as an adult dodging a photon beam 2. com/wiki/User_blog:M3X/Naruto:_Naruto_dodged_Light_Fang It seems there are some who believe Madara's light fang was light speed and I believe it was accepted. Can Naruto dodge amaterasu? : r/Naruto. Dies at 7 most definitely (unless you wanna use the speed blitz argument) Julius is the fastest her and can freeze them in chronostasis then rewind time until. so adult one is from base to tsm mftl no cap. You (With Powerset of My Choosing) vs Sentry. “Surface wiping” is below what even Toneri can output. I think lee would remove his weights and just about manage to deal with all of Zabuza’s clones, with tenten supporting with those kunai scroll seals. #1 Azureus For some reason there is still controversy surrounding whether Naruto dodged Six Paths Madara's attack, Sage Art: Storm release Light fang or …. “@NamiZeus @FixGucci @TwitteIsHell @Unbreakable_Ja Bro basically your whole reply amounted to nothing. I just simply don't see the Naruto verse being light speed timers, let alone massively outspeed light. The calc isn't a blog, isn't accepted, is based on a bunch of assumptions that the calcer doesn't agree with, and people acting like Naruto is already Relativistic. And dude, when he was fighting kaguya, he was in the air, so now you are claiming naruto. And naruto gets massive speed and power amps in his other forms. *OR Lightning reactions, forgot to include that. This goes with him reacting to Toneri moon blade extension and if you …. Round 2: Alien Force Team Ben vs Beginning of …. Light Fang is also a legit light speed attack, whether people accept it or not. Can current Sanji replicate Naruto's Light Fang dodge?">Can current Sanji replicate Naruto's Light Fang dodge?. Naruto dodged literally photons. Naruto as a kid was able to beat haku. A super casual, "I'm not even testing your strength", "I literally just got done with …. Lightfang may be lightspeed, but Madara's neck is not. Since Naruto is shown swinging his body (from head to waist supposedly) here, I will assume that Naruto dodged the Light Fang by swinging his body 45deg. Fairy tail vs naruto (ALL CHARACTERS). We also have zero evidence in the manga Naruto dodged light fang after it was fired. “@BoneDaddyGHXST @Petersonjacs @BigCatto123 @bibi_king10 @unonumero_56 @WillOfCook Not really. The best examples is basically Fate Lightspeed and Faster Than Light vs. This is the redo and the higher interpretation of the feat given some different variables from the other. @marishtar: At least Naruto has a pretty defined LS feat in dodging Light Fang. I ask you to ignore Naruto's pixelscaling, the correct one is this. Naruto Dodges Light Fang DcDoesPhysics • 7 September 2022 • User blog:DcDoesPhysics Contents 1 Starters 2 Madara to TSO 3 Naruto head sizing 4 …. He travels from point A to point B in an instant. Base Naruto dodging a light beam by itself wouldn't even be a weird feat, he dodged far faster things. Wiki Points Naruto dodging a light speed attack, while less than a few feet away, after it was fired. Light Fang dissipates at varying speed in the anime LF is shown in one panel And Naruto is shown to be dodging it. Naruto has access to all of his forms (I. The worst of all is Naruto was preemptively dodging he did not Dodge the actual Lightspeed attack he aim Dodge Madara before he could actually fire. Also you’d have a real tough time proving that the speed at which momo absorbs chakra scales to his actual. Dodging light attacks doesn't make you faster than light. If that is accepted and calced, I'm sure a definite value. Naruto solid Light speed/Relativistic. However there are also some people who believe Naruto dodged Madara's headswing. Also imo OPM should be above Og DB, as they have planet busting statements and are also faster. Yami (Black Clover) vs Sasuke (Naruto). Bringing up Light Fang doesn't help your argument, it's confirmed Light Speed. There is scans saying madara can destroy the ninja world= earth. OT: Naruto would statue and beat the crap out of the Dragon Gods. Naruto Lightspeed and Faster Than Light. (2 equal possibilities are Madara either swung to cut Naruto or Shot first then swung to cut. Base Luffy could react, and dodge light beams which would scale to. What Are The Best Feats in the Holy Shounen Trinity?. Luffy in literally the next arc gets completely. THIS IS ABOUT THE SPEED OF THE LIGHT FANG, NOT ABOUT NARUTO DODGING IT OR NOT That's the Light Fang scan from Databook. Naruto only had to move faster than the distance from Madaras body times the angular speed of the neck. A Better and a new calculation from this User blog:EndlessPheonix750/Naruto Dodging Light Fang Manga Version — Naruto Dodging Light Fang (Manga Version) Part 2 — Source: Naruto Shippuden Volume 70 Chapter 673 & 674 — Creator: EndlessPheonix750 / Jeremy083. The beam cuts Naruto's Truth Seeking Orb staff in front of his face and them he immediately ducks the light speed beam. Translation: A Ninjutsu used by those who gained the Six Paths power, they emit a beam of light to bisect the enemy. There are a lot of people who claim that Naruto didn’t actually dodge the light, he dodged a swing from Madara’s head. Naruto Uzumaki; Sasuke Uchiha; Sakura Haruno; Naruto: Shippūden; Boruto Anime; List of Episodes; Random Episode; Light Novels; Movies; Video Games; Name all Shinobis other than Naruto who you think can Dodge Madara's Light Fang. Naruto wasn’t grabbed by anything while dodging light fang. Everything related to the Naruto and Boruto series goes here. Naruto dodges Delta’s Photon beams. And the best speed feat Naruto has is naruto dodging delta beams, that a 12 year old kawaki also reacted to. Reference for Common Feats; Average Mountain Destruction Calcs; Japan Destruction Calcs; Slow-Motion Feats Calculations; Galaxy Speed Feats; KE for Large Sized Characters. naruto in anime only dodged light barely. Even in the anime, Naruto dodges after the beam comes into existence, there is no aim dodging when Madara breathes in. Only in the anime did Naruto time the Light Fang, in the manga it's shown he dodges the swing of Madara's neck give how Madara was positioned and how Naruto was further on Madara's right than his left. Naruto Verse is faster than Lightning">Someone convince me the Naruto Verse is faster than Lightning. Adding the growth from then and Baryon I'm willing to bet Naruto is several dozen FTL, maybe even into the hundreds? Luffy pre gears was dodging point blank photon beams which move at LS. Naruto was noted as being completely unable to produce chakra in this scene. MS] Acnologia and Zeref vs Rinnegan Madara no jyuubi or six …. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. Assuming that getting the other half of kurama multiplied his speed by atleast 100 then he is FTL+. Ending the debate on Naruto's Light Fang feat. This is undeniable proof that naruto is atleast ftl and if we want supreme wank. Formula: (Speed of projectile * Distance moved by character) / Distance of projectile from the character itself at the …. Funny thing is that fans try to debunk Sasuke's speed by saying that Naruto only dodged Madara's neck swing, so here's Naruto dodging light fang and …. com/wiki/User_blog:M3X/Naruto:_Naruto_dodged_Light_Fang …. Naruto dodging lightspeed attack. Madara could never handle both Naruto and Sasuke like Jigen though. The Last Naruto is older and blatantly tougher than the Naruto from the War arc. There's also KCM Naruto dodging Raikage's attack which has multiple calculations depending on how fast Raikage's attack was moving at: Nope naruto used aim dodging on light fang. Sorry if there’s any errors doing this while at work. Kurama-cloak 2 Naruto is low moon for being able to with full power match and overpower a moon splitting attack, with sage multiplier this makes him moon. This is even how the anime portrays it, not as a swinging attack. Jan 3, 2023 #4,882 Priority: 4 Verse: Grappler Baki Feat : Recalculating 2 feats in the verse, Retsu pulverizing a wall and spec destroying the statue of liberty. Round 3: Game Feats allowed Team 2 gets Psyko Orochi and Monster Garou. Light fang (attack) light blue line: T = 1. He really just aim dodged Madara's head. So same as Naruto dodging Madara's Light Fang if you take the data books literally. in sage mode he clearly outsped the edo raikage, enough to where he could dodge and hit his arm. Which one did you like more ( personally) Luffy dodging Pacifista Or Naruto dodging light fang. Using Kiba, the user sends bolts of lightning to electrocute their enemies. This has been translated in english but im having a really hard time finding it but according to the novel, naruto ended up dodging a laser while on a bicycle. That means Kaido's TB blitz is against confirmed LS reaction, while Isshiki's rod is just a case of 'fast projectile hits fast character so it scales'. The light novels are Canon because kishimoto approved them second haku is also stated to be able to move at the speed of light, The sharingan is also stated to be able to perceive light speed attacks and allows its users to dodge light speed attacks. It's not it an obviously Aim dodge? If someone says no* It's basically saying he's not wary about Madara at all …. Blitzing Raikage and dodging Light Fang would put Naruto around LS-FTL, a couple times faster than light. High End Interpretation for Archetype Earth and. Page 321 of the Fourth Data book: "A ninjutsu used by those who gained the six paths power, they. Calculation 1 Naruto: Naruto dodged Light Fang vsbattles. Due to Naruto dodging Madara's light fang jutsu (and Guy bending space), most people assume now that all the god tiers in the show are moving relativistically, or even faster. Rambo? Wut's that? Eggboi is the real thing. We know that Naruto is lightspeed thanks to him dodging Madara's light fang attack which was also stated to be a beam of light in the databook. Pre-Flashpoint Cass wins very easy, the most impressive speed feats performed in Naruto, are "moving too fast to be perceived" feats, something that Cass did dozens of times, and she did stuff way. You see Madara's head has turned, and that Naruto's staff has been cut in half from the side. Juubi Jinchuuriki Madara vs. If such feats existed in MT, then teleportation would not be needed, as you could simply run from one side of the world to the other in seconds-minutes. Ichigo enters Naruto verseLocation- Fake Kurakara Town100 meter distanceReiatsu = ChakraAll manga featsNo reiatsu crushRound 1- EOS Merged Hollow Ic. Educated ones please discuss and vote In pure physical movement and shushin who is faster and why Please use feats , DB statements if needed when making your argument I am entirely at my wits end this is even a discussion. Three sub-rel speed feats in NARUTO would be Might Gai, Naruto dodging light fang and the moon split (which calc'd Naruto at around mach 10,000) and this consistency. A beam of light flies out of Madara's mouth with no build up. Just like light fang is light speed. The most powerful Naruto character Quicksilver (FOX. enough reacts to it and Ay Raikage enough dodge to it you put calcu which impossible as well as Juubidara's claim Light Fang cannot be dodge/evade or. Madara follows up with a rotation of his head to attempt and cut naruto's head. If you could have a round 2 like they did with sonic vs mario. Therefore they're both faster than light. In the light, his power is more analogous to Space-time Ninjutsu in Naruto. In the Manga it looks like he nailed the moon with not ravel time. “@DanielKtb2 @rubyspits @snipes_aiden @Log_nOfficial Just find it funny how you say this while you use feats like naruto dodging raikage, naruto dodging light fang, naruto reacting to isshikis rods which are just reaction feats according to you”. There's also the fact that Naruto has sage sensing which supports Naruto aimdodging the Light Fang. Dodging light fang, being comparable to Kaguya in speed after she absorbed infinite tsukuyomi, blowing up 6paths Madara meteors, fighting Toneri on the moon and covering massive distance. I honestly believe it was light speed. Naruto has terrible durability to blades and he's solely blunt force and energy based durability. Light Fang and Haku are already considered outliers, and i have no idea …. Now we get into the distance, the real distance. Distance Madara/Stick = 130 Px = 0,66 m. now, let's see the result Naruto Movement 60 degree =0, 8969×60° =0,9392 m V=0, …. 44x FTL, but Garou moved faster than gravity itself, which places him at 75,000x FTL but he also scales to Platinum Sperm's speed is at 176,000x FTL The Fist of Flowing Water can help with the AP gap by redirecting attacks. The Latter being most logical and …. Plus the Sage Art Light Fang is only light speed from a databook, not the manga itself, and it looks more like he dodged Madara turning his head, not dodging the beam itself. How high can you scale Naruto? : r/Naruto. Teen Naruto is Mach 100 capped. Name: Uzumaki Naruto; Original: Naruto: Shippuden; Age: 16 to 17; Height: 1. Madara, Naruto and the databook says he can sense them, as in chakra sense. Now in the second image we see that naruto has essentially to move the head to avoid this so for the distance traveled by naruto. The Databook says it is, but the Databook is known to have lots of hyperboles, and it overhypes attacks. User blog:EndlessPheonix750/Adult Naruto Dodge Delta Laser. is Naruto faster than the speed of light? once…. Naruto dodging light fang from madara makes him ftl? but Rayleigh catching up to yata no kagami(Ls movement)kizaru doesn't make him ftl? I can't believe this are the kind of people i argue with. First im gonna calculating the Rod speed. Then we also have Naruto dodging Light Fang. Can gear 5 luffy really beat goku : r/PowerScaling. Every Single Lightspeed and up Proof in Naruto/Boruto. There's zero reason to scale the weaker War arc Naruto to that. The light fang argument is inconsistent and it's been debunked too many times. In kcm he was moving so fast that killer bee thought he. Naruto verse's best speed feat is Naruto dodging light fang that is light speed at best. Manga for Naruto Characters, Cartoon feats for Ben 10 characters. Adult Sasuke vs 3 Eyed Madara. Madara moving his head to cut Naruto with it is not. Databook 2 explains the water fang bullets as: From the water, bullets at the speed of light - coming from blindspot to bore into the enemy. 1 Naruto Dodging Light Fang (Manga Version) Part 2. There is an entire joke video on this topic which you might enjoy:. The sequence involves the beam hitting Narutos stick and pausing for a couple frames, then Naruto moves as the stick breaks. Fastest Naruto/Borutoverse characters. If naruto was ftl pre shippuden then he would have no trouble dodging raikage ,who isnt even ftl, in base. Which means itachi reacting and blocking Naruto. (Massively under speed of light). We have moved to a new external forum hosted at https://vsbattles. Naruto doesn't start moving until the light fang hits the staff. I see some really surprising things. In the manga there is no sign that Naruto didn't dodge before the Light Fang was fired. Madara was overwhelmed by the duo. Also its stated that naruto can turn the world to ash with only half the 9 tails charka. The speed of light is 186,000 miles/sec. If you can dodge an attack without being able to see it coming, that has to be some sort of precognition, it makes no sense otherwise. And further reinforcement upon this high speed Naruto characters BASE Naruto dodged light in the novels. Let's recognize the hilarity of Madara spitting a laser beam just to stay in the theme of Naruto ninja using jutsu with their mouth. Even when he is supposedly “out of chakra “ from spamming a few chidori and some Amaterasu he still gets caught of guard. there's also Naruto dodging the Light Fang, which moves at the speed of light supposedly. The databook says the raikage moves at light speed. it become calc stacking if we use the speed of Naruto when dodging the Light Fang (2,11 FTL. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 198. The one who gains the Six paths' power can use this ninjutsu to bifurcate enemies with rays of light 牙の様に鋭く尖り、光速を誇る一閃は万物を断ち、敵は光線の一振りを防ぐことすら敵わない "Sharp as fangs and boasting the speed of light, the flash cuts off all things, and the enemy cannot even prevent a single swing of the ray". Naruto reacting to a beam that can extend 2,000 miles in 3-5 seconds while in base. 1 second if what they say is true if Kakashi and Naruto and others are actually FTL+ as fandom claims how the hell did it take Naruto and other several. 5 multiplier due to how it has to mix with chakra. Naruto's lightspeed feat?. There's also naruto dodging a laser with nearly no chakra in his canon novel (likely aim dodging but it's reaction speed while enormously nerfed). “@SenninEnergy @Shawn253059311 @Maniapart2 This is just a couple broken up images. In the manga, naruto dodges the light fang as it's being spat out (courtesy of sage mode's danger sense), but in the anime they make it look like the. Naruto Speed Feats : r/PowerScaling. Taking into account Naruto's struggle with LF, it makes no sense for him to be rated this high, considering I've personally calced Naruto's movement speed to be only 2 x FTL when dodging LF. Naruto and madara are face-to-face, directly in front of each other. Just shut up for once! What the hell do you know about it?! It's not like you ever had a family in the first place! You were on your own right from the beginning, what makes you …. Naruto dodging light fang was a reaction feat. Isn't the best speed feat in the show naruto dodging madara's attack, which was stated to move at lightspeed? Even more evident is the fact the Light Fang is described as a cutting technique to bisect enemies. Also Let me know your personal order for the. naruto ) vs current monkey d ">Infinite 8 gates might guy (naruto ) vs current monkey d. @dracoz: ichigo is like what LS-FTL, naruto dodging light fang feat already puts him a few times above FTL and sasuke can casually keep up with naruto, im pretty sure thats enough to out speed. For Naruto there was an obvious relativistic feat just before that with Guy bending space with his sheer speed so it makes the probably around relativistic feat of dodging the light fang pretty believable (I know you can 🤓 calc it as multiple times the speed of light, but that makes no fucking sense at all are you seriously telling me Naruto. Naruto would be 3xLS, Kurama-cloak 1 dodging light fang, Kurama-cloak 2 being twice as fast and sage mode being a 1. Dodging Light Fang isn't an outlier because it isn't actually an impressive feat in the first place, since there's no statement that Light Fang is lightspeed in the anime continuity, only in the databook (which is part of the manga continuity, where Naruto can reasonably be interpreted as only aimdodging Light Fang). Naruto reacted as the light fan approached the wand, he moved his body backwards, maybe about 5cm , and increased the distance between the wand and Naruto before Madara threw the light fan down + a slight movement from Naruto = 0. Naruto dodging LF means he has lS reaction yes, it doesn't mean he can blitz people at those speeds. CAV: Blue Marvel (@Knowledge_King) vs. SPM Naruto clearly dodges it so that would put him, Rinnegan Sasuke and everyone that scales to their Rikudo amped selves and above as FTL. Ichigo and Naruto have databooks ,feats and statements. A red beam was fired as a low frequency noise was made by the molecule dispersing photons. @alextheboss: Light Fang has too much reasons againt it to take it seriously. And we're shown Naruto dodging the Raikage faster than he can think. 3 Naruto's movement distance while dodging Light Fang 3. When it was clearly established that naruto has light speed reaction. Light Fang is lightspeed because it's a light base element that involves using natural. 48589125 nanoseconds = 49 784 382. 6 meters because of her height, 4. This is a perfect example of your ignorant arguing. Naruto dodging a laser at borderline point blank range while practically doing the splits with his leg held is honestly one of the coolest things I’ve seen this week. SPSM Naruto vs Juubito, 8 Gates Guy and Juudara. Which is Naruto's reaction and reflex speed. Where is it shown naruto dodging the light fang itself show me or you lose I’ve seen you completely ignore and disregard guides and data books because you’ve said that they contradict with the actual manga so why can’t I do the same especially when the data book is quite clearly contradicting itself huh??. @tetsukage: I could say the same about Naruto dodging Light Fang been an outlier and bending/disturbing space was already done by Grimmjow's energy beam which Naruto's doesn't get back up by Might. At what point is a "high end feat" considered an outlier?. By feats they don’t unless you’re you’re factoring in naruto dodging light fang? 4 years ago. This entire debate has been going like "Haku is/isn't lightspeed because my unreliable source from a pirated website or my unreliable/unverified translator said so". There are multiple examples like Naruto dodging Madara's Light Fang, Sick Dying Naruto who can't even use chakra could dodge photons/light at near point blank, him reacting to Delta's beams of. Even assuming Naruto dodging straight on LF, thats still nowhere near LS, let alone FTL. The very idea of dodging light is ridiculous. Hyper Sonic 3 Dodging Light Fang and crossing 2 or 3 countries in a span of a couple of sentences is enough proof. 2nd of all naruto dodging the light fang he was in a form that granted him precog. Reacting or dodging SOL attacks won't make you FTL or SOL, especially if you have precog like Naruto does. Guess the lesson here is flexibility is part of being a top-tier ninja lol. How much faster is Luffy than lightning? Massively faster than light. Then Gai went 8th gates, a suicidal stat amp that let him sweat testosterone in a show of manliness so mind-numbing that even space bent over to his kick, even then, he needed help to get to Madara. Plus none of them are dodging Light Fang from Madara. i mean, the anime showed naruto dodging the actual attack. Which is stated to be light speed. Ending the debate on Naruto's Light Fang feat. Also wouldn’t need so6p to dodge a light fang fron madara. Amaterasu also goes at the speed of light (or possibly even slower) I wonder why they never showed Naruro dodging one of Sasuke's black flames. Madara casts and fires the light fang towards naruto. Remember when he fought fused momoshiki and was dodging him. Light Fang is a natural beam of light. Night Guy is probably faster but hard to quantify or compare against the likes of Baryon Naruto. Now to find how much further to find how much faster. 299,792,458m/s So to get the seconds it took to reach naruto we just divide the 1 second by the speed of light and we see we get 3. This is seems very silly to me Naruto didn't dodge his head, he was floating in front of Madara who expelled it out his mouth. Naruto isn't dodging a light speed attack, it's not as if an attack. Just because something is an outlier does it mean its unquantable?. Speed · Distance between Light Fang and Naruto before Naruto started to dodge = The distance between Naruto and Gudoudama before Madara throws a Light Fang + . Every Single Character in the Naruto Universe Fuses Into One. Like a sharp and pointed fang, it cuts all things with the speed of light, making it impossible for the. His six paths sage mode detected the light fang and allowed naruto to dodge it. The common argument against this seems to be that Naruto dodged Madara's Fang of Light, which is said to move at light speed. And this just Raditz we are talking about. All for One the entire war arc has consistently been stupid as Hell. The actual calculations are good, and I do think that Naruto dodging light fang is a genuine light speed feat, it's just that there's lots of antifeat statements about lightning speeds that makes me think that the verse doesn't consistently reach mh+ speeds until the Naruto vs Raikage fight. since the laser moves at the speed of light, naruto would have to be faster than light to …. There is actually people in the Naruto verse who are faster than light, by the way. Speed attack: naruto kaguya can attack rikudou naruto, that rikudou naruto who has senjutsu sensing, and has dodge madara light fang (light speed attack by data book) from point blank. Sasuke wins more times than not 6. No one in the series since has replicated a similar feat. Multi-continental and LS Yeah everyone forgets about those cause, the soul ribbon thing never. Madara orbs travel at the speed of light, before they hit guy naruto traveled a longer distance and kick that thing. And the relativistic speed feat is from SOSP naruto dodging light fang. • 4th Raikage and Killler B's "near light speed" statement was NOT written in big bold fonts. Pain was able to destroy konoha but that attack took charging and cooldown, and Konoha’s buildings are pretty small while Grimmjow can effortlessly take down pillars that are on par with skyscrapers. They fight in the Dark Torunament arena. The Naruto dodging on Motorcycle thing's debunked, people bringing it up before failed to mention the bit of the robots having an obvious charge up tell for that, so it doesn't remotely require light speed reactions to react to that stuff. Well we can't blame u if u choose to ignore the fact that sakura dodge kaguya's arm. Superhuman+: Ninjas throwing kunai and shuriken speed. Naruto himself gained FTL via the calculation of dodging Light Fang. Search titles only By: Search Advanced search…. Each round you determine if Naruto can beat the given Metal Gear Rising boss: R1: Sundowner. iirc Fang of Light was stated to travel at SoL. Naruto was already calced to be MFTL in kcm1 when he dodges the punch from the raikage. Naruto vs Luffy : r/whowouldwin. >KCM Naruto dodges it at point blank >Light Fang is stated to be Light Speed >SPSM Naruto dodges it >Guy bends space with his speed something that takes at least 90%+ the speed of light. Naruto/Boruto Dattebayo Discussion Thread #24. The Last Naruto vs Gladiator. But naruto has 3 LS feats the light fang, the novel where he dodged photons and the delta which is an outlier since kawaki also dodged it. It is powerful enough to cut clean through a Truth-Seeking Ball. Light fang (attack) light blue line: As it travels at the speed of light, it is …. and that's the same guy that has witness god tiers fight, he's the oldest ninja so he knows his shit. Naruto dodging LF means he has lS. Naruto dodge distance is about 45°. Tangential velocity is not the same as the beam itself. purple line is 167px, Naruto had to drop 190px. When it comes to Naruto's speed, I'd say he should be FTL-FTL+. Naruto and Sasuke crossing a country or countries to get to the valley of end in a short timeframe. Making Naruto faster than all of Bleach for dodging it. Madara's fastest attack is light fang, his actual movement speed is below that attack. Now in the jigen fight naruto couldn't even react to these rods. Lord 4th has never been stated to move fast as light what are you reading? Lol they been reacting to light speed since the timeskip. You act like its the only feat in the series. Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto is one of the fastest characters in Naruto, yet the jutsu's speed surprises him, and he barely manages to dodge it. The hound is highly fast and its movements are unpredictable, making it is very difficult to avoid. However, many people argue, that it was reaction speed, so it doesn’t count. The characters in Naruto are all hypersonic, and by reference (characters get stronger throughout the series) by war-arc they are approaching the speeds of Light (dodging light-speed attacks). Depending on the distance, that could be faster than light. We know 6p Naruto > light fang and we know Sasuke and fused Momoshiki ~ 6p Naruto. Fun fact: we deliver faster than Amazon. 2) Naruto has dodged, and the beam goes through where his head was before he moved. My argument is the following: Naruto was unable to control chakra and was directly compared to normal humans. 66m Red line : Stick to Naruto = 134px = 0. 2) and even if it wasn't kawaki himself dodged these "lightspeed" beams Irrelavant Karma Kawaki scales weirdly, he's …. He is many many many times faster than most other One Piece characters. @precrisisbardock: Scaling off of relativistic Gai, characters that are massively slower than Momo who are faster than lightning, and Naruto dodging light fang. Does Sakura dodging Kaguyas arm make her light speed? : r/Naruto. 0 said: Naraku stops at Naruto and One …. Light moves at 299,972,458 meters per second (m/s). If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking…. But he didn't aim dodge, he dodged. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Hypersonic+: Elite Ninja's movement, reaction and/or combat speed. 1 1 1 1 MYGod000 Well-Known Member. Gabriel Alves Well-Known Member. It also involves spitting, so even if Naruto couldn't sense it coming with Sage Mode or Kurama's negativity sense he would still be able to tell that it's a bad idea to be in front of Madara's mouth, especially when there are so many Ninjutsu that involves. I was just curious as to what is Sakura's speed,…. It's been established that while in Sage Mode you can sense nature energy and chakra. This shows teen six paths naruto having light speed reactions , arguably movement too. that instance with naruto dodging madara light fang was deemed not inconsistent and elaborated more on the manga scene, the moon calc was deemed inconsistent cause nobody expects the animators to consistently do a moon shot. Reddit">Can gear 5 luffy really beat goku : r/PowerScaling. Logically, Jigen scales higher as he blitzed Forums. Discussion; Bug Reporting; Delete/Combine Pages. Using the Sharingan Perception Statement not being able to see his Rod Speed is considered stacking, because Sasuke was given at least FTL by comparison to Naruto. And Madara's Light Fang moved 167. One of these abilities includes Storm Release Light Fang, which allows Madara to shoot a laser from his mouth that is extremely difficult to dodge. Naruto didn't move much either, and the distance away from the light was pretty equal if not closer to Wendy. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The distance between the laser and Himawari is then 37. Madara Uchiha's 10 Strongest Jutsu, Ranked. 2 seconds to reach the moon roshi' kamehameha reached the moon in seconds to a second which means it's relativistic to light speed if not lights speed already those are the facts Using your logic naruto himself wouldn't be light speed because he himself was never confirmed to be light speed only the light fang was. His room bypass any thing sasuke has. 1) Naruto preparing the dodge as the beam is touching or just about to touch the staff. naruto gets his arm blown off as he narrowly avoids a full-on blast to the face 14%. Also, this is a preeettyy long chain so it might be invalid. Ninjutsu / Senjutsu - Sage Art: Storm Release Light Fang. So in the war arc naruto reacted and dodged a point blank light speed attack from madara. However, given Raikage's speed statements this may be cohesive with the conclusion that Naruto does have faster than light speed reflexes,which I believe concludes him with the raw relativistic combo speed and agility. Atomizing All for One is just turning his body into energy, which Rewind would proceed to rewind back in time to restore his body. Madara tried to bisect Naruto via a neck swing. Meaning the timeframe was very small when the event occured. If you use the contradicted outlier that jk stated, then what stops me from using naruto dodging madara's light fang from CLOSE RANGE, which, since naruto has fought lighting timers before, is more consistent that peak human wizards having light speed reaction thanks to word of god. Naruto's famous light fang dodge can be interpreted 2 ways, the manga version or the anime version. It doesn't really matter which one he dodged. Fact is, she can beat the other 2 members, and even Sasuke would be close. However, that won't matter much as Quicksilver is much, much more faster than all Naruto characters barring few ones if you use high end examples like Madara's Light Fang against Naruto or Naruto dodging lasers from drones in an light novel, etc. Thoughts? Cause for example, something like Link rolling outta the way of…. After the recent speed feat, and even before the raid suit, they were FTL. 1st in the sakura novel her and sasuke grab particles which should be moving at MFTL. Prove Naruto didn't dodge Madara's light fang after it cut the. How fast is Naruto (prime) Faster then light. Madaras laser has to travel 496px (red) in the time Naruto has to drop 190px. But naruto dodging Delta's "Hikari Beam" would be relativstic if not LS wouldnt it? Yeh that's why i didn't know where it stood, i'm fairly sure it wasn't a precog reaction like the light fang was, she's at a pretty close distance considering how fast light moves. Could go either way, all I'm saying is that naruto being ftl in that specific scenario isn't unfeasible. Madara’s light fang was a lighspeed attack and eos Naruto was barely able to react to it. Also I don't swallow Naruto and Sasuke having speed of light reactions just because they dodged the light fang from Madara. Naruto managed to dodged it in his fight against Madara. The same Naruto who dodged faster than light then that means kaguya would logically be faster than his LS reaction time. 44634114583 meters Calculation [] Light Fang is speed of light, so 299,792,458 m/s. Now in the jigen fight naruto couldn’t even react to these rods. 1 2 #1 Azureus For some reason there is still controversy surrounding whether Naruto dodged Six Paths Madara's attack, Sage Art: Storm release Light fang or whether he simply avoided Madara's. The user infuses Storm Release with senjutsu chakra to fire a sharp, thin stream of light from their mouth. Kid naruto probably had 100s of times the chakra as someone like kakashi but he certainly doesnt have 100x the AP. The perfect Light Fang Madara Naruto Animated GIF for your conversation. Massively Faster than Light Momoshiki. Hulk has regenerated from roasted skeleton in matter of seconds in weaker form, world breaker has even greater regen, and afaik kakashi doesn't have any lightspeed feats, there's only one legit light speed feat in shippuden and that is naruto dodging madara's light fang, kakashi may be able to perceive objects at light speed but his physical reaction …. Next feat is when naruto dodged madaras light fang. NARUTO HAS A POINT BLANK LIGHT SPEED DODGING FEAT! STOP TROLLING THANOS CAN'T EVEN HIT GAMORA! 5 years ago. The light fang “feat” is anything but, however dodging madaras lightning is clear as day, and puts naruto and sasuke both casually 30x slower than light. There really are no feats that are actually LS, the only one that comes close is Naruto dodging Madara's Light Fang, which was more him dodging the swing and sensing the attack coming than him actually reacting to the incoming attack. like Naruto with light fang, and Madara reacting against the heavenly transfer jutsu. Lightspeed Storm Release Naruto. WWW? (No Spoilers This Time). Raijū is a mythological creature in Shintō religion, companion to the Shintō god of lighting, Raijin. Calculating the Distance Naruto Moved (2. How fast is Naruto(prime) : r/PowerScaling. Anime & Manga The Kid Pirates Spoilers Room. Naruto dodging Light Fang is literally his second reaction feat in SPSM, meant to demonstrate his speed. I scale him to MFTL+, I'l give you the TL;DR. That is proof, and it comes directly from the author. Ichigo being invisible to Naruto as well, yet Naruto dodging him and running ahead of him. CAV: Yhwach (alextheboss) VS Madara (Rabii99) (Open for Votes!). Naruto dodged the light fang attack but this doesn't mean that any attack that he has trouble dodging is lightspeed. Unlike other characters and series on the list, Fire force clearly mentions Shinra's speed with Adolla and how it works so one doesn't have to do guess work like the whole Naruto dodging Sage Art: Storm Release Light Fang debate that went on for years. What a dogshit way to scale Naruto speed lol. Eo he doesn’t fully scale to the feat, not to mention this only proves reaction speed and not movement speed. Like Base Naruto was kicking Jubidara’s ass up until Juubidara absorbed the Shinju Tree. So we all know Naruto dodging the light fang is 2. Naruto was able to dodge light in his base form after being drained of Chakra from an illness, naruto characters are massively FTL as well. Madara Uchiha(Naruto) vs Dangai Ichigo(Bleach). Wasn't Naruto dodging swing of Madara head? Aim dodging basicaly. Top tier EoS Naruto characters are near relativistic (scaling off Naruto dodging Madara's Light Fang). dodging light fang is barely FTL, like borderline FTL. And Madara was only a few centimeters away …. DB didn't have many decent speed. She would defeat Naruto unless Naruto summons a bunch of clones, and I mean like a thousand of them. Naruto also dodges deltas light beams. Now, Naruto was already mid-air and very close to Madara and he started dodging. For the last supporting argument, in the Sasuke Retsuden novel, Hagoromo sent the polar particles to different constellations which would be FTL even when using a timeframe of. 000 shinobi or more (using Kyuubi chakra) from JUUBI "TENPENCHI" and no one. Naruto has consistently shown more impressive feats than Luffy with no room to debate if they are outliers. Yes it was an outlier, I also disregarded MFTL outliers for Ichigo. It doesn't show how well they dodged it. Zoro Thriller Bark feat of Dodging Kuma >>>> Naruto Dodge Light Fang >> Marco intercept Kizaru. Luffy and Zoro were dodging light speed pre time skip ever since Kuma was introduced. The anime though clarifies that the light fang is shot directly at naruto and madara noticing naruto dodged it follows to cut him but it's from the anime so yeah The Kaguya point is irrelevant, this is fiction, if a character has already shown a certain level of reaction speed and can't dodge the other attack it means the other attack is. Could EoS Naruto React To This?. im curious how the fuck you use technology to give characters conceptual hax and shit like these ones have, like Delta and Boro's make sense since they are. It's almost like the term aim-dodging exists for a reason. naruto dodging light fang means nothing more so sinc ehe has sage mode, he can see every angle of madara and his mouth about to spit out something, is the same thing over and over again but fans. Naruto is caught by Limbo clone and turns his whole body out of the way dodging Madara’s light fang: Using the anime we can outright stop it frame by frame …. It's just that he was sick af which would make it weird. Comparing the distances moved to find what is fater: Naruto or the Light Fang []. A one vs one max power and strongest forms that’s it. It also has errors, like listing Madara as the sole user of PS when Sasuke, Kakashi and Indra have canonically used it. Which means that either the Databook is lying (in which case why should we believe that the Light Fang really is light speed?) or Naruto didn't actually dodge the Light Fang itself but instead just moved out of the way before it fired. 1-Pretty sure Naruto never dodged the light fang, he just aimed dodged it and moved out of the way of the attack after it cut his baton. Luffy can beat Naruto! People say “ Naruto has light speed/FTL feats ”. 420491m Naruto's height from belly = 255px . Light Fang dissipates at varying speed in the anime LF is shown in one panel And Naruto is shown to be …. in chapter 674 we can see that naruto was capable of dodging light fang that was shot by madara. Yes, and much easier than when he dodged LF. Valheim Genshin Btw dodging the light fang doesn’t make naruto FTL or SOL. R1: All characters in their primes but are alive. Naruto dodging the light fang is like the most blatant case of an author saying "Look, this character is faster than light. And last calc on the same Naruto dodges Delta’s beam feat. image editing skills 🔥 HOLY SHIT IT WORKED WTF. The Light Fang feat is disregarded since it's more implied that Naruto dodged the swing of the Light Fang (thus Naruto is faster than Madara's neck speed). I always use the scene in Naruto where Naruto dodges the sage art light fang he doesn’t move till after light left the mouth of madara and cut. I've given you some some feats of Naruto dodging Photon beams, which makes Naruto effectively LS or even FTL. The anime has Naruto dodge it, but the anime is not …. Poll Naruto's speed tier (172 votes) Super Sonic 6%. Debunking some ftl naruto arguements: First of all the raikage is stated to be almost light speed not light speed. You have super strength, super speed, enhanced durability, energy and emotion sensory, heightened senses, e. Second only to people who actually use logic in baki fights That laser was as fast as light, so naruto dodging it through pure reaction confirms his faster than light, heck a the beginning of the series it was stated that young kakashi could cut down lighting. Just notice naruto is now FTL via dodging light fang. Naruto dodging light fang is legit, Because Madara used it like a sword slash, there's no reason to believe he reacted to light speed, besides the speed claim comes from the Databook that is full of hyperbole like claiming Kakashi is omnipotent. About Haku from Fairy Tail being light speed. 16606282603680441734c) Barely Relativistic. Reactions: EndlessPheonix750 and Mussdit. Arguably including even them depending how you gauge the arguable light fang feat. The reason it's extraordinary is because chakra sensing doesn't, for anyone else, allow them to sense activity in different planes of reality that overlap, but Naruto can. So we know that Naruto moved further. On Anime and Manga - Naruto, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Why do people think that madara uchiha was just barely toying with 8 gates guy?" - Page 14. I have brokered powers and skills to you. Boruto/Naruto Speed Upgrade for God tiers. After this we get another LS feat with him dodging the light fang, then getting much stronger through the kaguya fight, then getting enormous amps from the rest of kurama and him becoming an adult before boruto. I wasn't even thinking Susano'o Kakashi since that was a temporary boost that came from dubious circumstances that could probably be considered Obito powering him up from beyond the grave. Honestly, I’m going to have to say Goku wins in the speed department. In the anime however, Naruto did dodge it coming straight at him. The five Kage are currently rated as "At least Sub-Relativistic" at their strongest, yea?If the Samurai really do have light speed attacks, then Sasuke from the Taka would have 0. User blog:EndlessPheonix750/Naruto Dodging Light Fang Manga Version Part 2. Which Shonen Protagonists would win in a race : r/whowouldwin. Handling vandalism and learning editing; Editing etiquette; Tubb's leveling guide. In the coloured manga, this technique is depicted white in colour. If Naruto had been aim-dodging it'd have been indicated if he did in the manga, however …. I’m thinking the White Fang and Obitos parents were on the same team for a unspecified amount of time. Did Naruto and Sasuke ever reached lightning speed? : r/Naruto. #1 Discuss this calc : https://vsbattles. While the beam moves at light speed madara used it as a sweep attack so you only need to be faster than him moving his neck. 1 Pixel Scale; This blog will show the calculation of Naruto's speed when dodging Madara's Light Fang. A major argument I see is Naruto dodging light fang but even then I can't scale it to ftl because Naruto didn't dodge the light fang, he dodged Madara swinging his head, that's like me swinging a laser pointer and you jumping over it, you aren. 1 Adult Naruto Dodge Delta Laser. Don't have an account? Register. Feb 11, 2023; Thread starter #98 DenLitz said: My Opinion :. But I do believe he is a light time in so6p mode. Requesting an upgrade to Madara Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki to Speed of Light and FTL respectively. but that's way less impressive to look at than what Minato did Reply italia06823834 •. It's the same situation with people in action movies dodging bullets. "On the other hand, you’ve got kaguya who got blitzed by teen naruto and couldn’t even dodge kakashi and sakura falling. False, Naruto dodged Light Fang after it shot through the TSB rod. Naruto reacted to both the lightning attack, and Madara's 'light fang' attack with So6P boost. this is further supported by the fact that the databook says the lightfang is impossible to dodge. Business, Economics, and Finance. Dodging light fang or guy blitzing madara? 5 years ago. Kakashi forms a Lightning Cutter in his hand and launches it at the opponent in the form a hound. Having no idea how to operate the bike, Naruto instinctively leaned his body alongside the bike to the side. Delta's destructive beams are treated as Speed of Light on the Wiki, which has lead to Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto becoming FTL through these calculations. Bleach characters are actually slow as hellstop the wank. But it's an ambiguous feat in the manga. com/wiki/User_blog:Dariel_Senju/Toneri_sends_a_meteor, we know that Toneri can attack at Relativistic speeds Now, the fact. Show me also those mftl+ speeds for Naruto dodging Madara's fang (which. however even with his 8 palm 64 trigram technique neji won’t be able to make Zabuza move since this his nerfed Edo state was able to perceive and run towards Lightning blade enhanced Kakashi who should be close to light speed, despite. As it travels at the speed of light, it is described as being impossible to dodge. both Naruto and Kawaki have obvious feats of being faster than Delta's Lasers. Madara didn't swing an arm at him. Both the manga, anime, and databook confirm Light Fang is lightspeed. Baryon-Mode Naruto dodging Light Fang from Madara is the fastest speed feat iirc. the Naruto Retsuden laser justification. In fictional series their have been outliers in a characters feats, but does that make it any less of a feat. That doesn't mean Naruto is FTL though. By that reason Sasuke wouldn't scale to Naruto dodging Light Fang. This has nothing to do with the OP, again, shut up if you don't know. The light fang attack was only showed in one panel. Required Naruto to force all his chakra into his hand to counter. Next up guy would have no answer to blunt damage reduction luffy has and guy's entire arsenal is pure physical fight via taijitsu. I'm surprised they left Ichigo invisible, but I'm. Like u/godprime put it perfectly: "The Naruto dodging the Fang of White Light isn’t light speed. The Naruto Universe : r/whowouldwin. With the former ability, Naruto was able to dodge Madara's Light Fang, a beam that travels at lightspeed, quite easily, yet couldn't react to the rods that Isshiki threw his way. Apr 30, 2020 #2 Naraku stops at Naruto and One Punch Man is definitely above Naruto btw Saitama's casual moon jumping feat was him not even trying so it trumps Naruto dodging Madara's, Light Fang. That would make Ichigo traveling around 10,000 miles/sec. Naruto definitely has reaction speed comparable to light , but him moving at that speed is far fetched. “Almost the speed of light” the translations I’ve seen say “like the speed of light”. Naruto dodging the light fang thus making him LS is pretty iffy,as the databook follows up with lightfang also being impossible to dodge,making that entire scene make no sense. Cant wait for M3X to humble a fodder once he finishes his batman catalogs. Naruto and Sasuke were the only ones being able to counter it since they too have light speed movements and attacks, like Naruto dodging the light fang attack by Madara in part 2. Why is the feat significant? Its significant because we know that Naruto can react to delta’s lightspeed beams from a short distance. With the light farther away and rebounding for no reason (and thusly taking even longer. Lol, Haku is stated to be moving between mirror's at the sol, and. Nothing you know about I promise kiddo The second I tell you youll go into full cope mode As usual Okay stay toxic. He also passed up the light beams after they were fired. “@ky_the_otaku @FeontScott @PirateKing056 Considering haku CAN move between his mirrors but didnt show proof he was doing it means nothing. Panel number 1: After naruto and sasuke evade madara's lightning, naruto pulls up in front of madara and attempts to slam his TSB orb vertically down onto madara's head. No one in Naruto has lightning reaction speed : r/CharacterRant. Sage Mode, Six Paths Sage Mode, Kurama Chakra Mode) and all feats from Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Boruto and the movies. Light Fang utilizes Storm Release, which is not the jutsu related to manipulating light 3. As the Kakashi's hand remains connected to the hound by a cord of lightning, adjusting the amount of chakra used for the technique allows him to freely manipulate its speed and range. but with the more consistent meta of light speed starting with Naruto dodging the light fang Garou is significantly faster than anyone in Naruto except maybe Isshiki and Baryon. The anime though clarifies that the light fang is shot directly at naruto and madara noticing naruto dodged it. The author intended for him to dodge it, not to aim dodge. He notices the attack coming and then moves out of the way physically. Naruto clearly dodges the Light Fang point-bank in the anime. Haku’s statement was found to be a simile. Half a second is 1 divided by 2. Toneri cutting through the moon is massively above everything in the War arc by an insane amount. Round 1: Yuji Itadori vs Jigen (Base form) Round 2: Yuji Itadori Full power vs Jigen (base form) Round 3: Yuji Itadori Full power vs Jigen (Karma seal phase 1) Round 4: Ryomen Sukuna vs Jigen (Karma seal phase 2) Round 5: Ryomen Sukuna Full Power vs Isshiki otsutsuki (Revive from. Speed; A Better and a new calculation from this User blog:EndlessPheonix750/Naruto Dodging Light Fang Manga Version — Naruto Dodging Light Fang (Manga Version) Part 2 — Source: Naruto Shippuden Volume 70 Chapter ….